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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Personalities On Twitter

It's without question twitter is a major part of today's social interaction. For me, I mainly concentrate on stock trading tweets, which in itself is overwhelming enough.  Inevitably you run across a few who on the first impression seem worthy of following, and you so you follow them.  After the tweets become uncontrollable, you begin to prune your "Follow" list.  At least that's how I operate.

Over the months I've came across various type of people who:

  • Brags.  This type posts their winners only, without time-stamping their entries, nor do they post any educational techniques or fundamental analyses behind their winning trades.  This type of people contribute nothing to my readership and I duly unfollow them on first sighting.
  • Tweets every trade.  This type posts all the entries and exits in real time.  If you concludes that his trades are mostly winning trades, you can coattail some of his trades.  Unfortunately, true professionals who tweet in such fashion are few and far between.
  • Rants.  This type uses twitter as if it's a word processor, and you'd have to read their tweets in reverse chronological order. 
  • Mongers.  As in fear-mongers and, what's the opposite?  Bull-mongers? You know what I mean. This type posts market directions as if they are carved in stones.  The posts are in such commanding tone that easily sway the unsuspecting sheeple.  The reality is that no one knows for sure, even the market itself.  
  • None of the above.

I'd like to think that I'm none of the above.  In the end it really doesn't matter.  You shape your own reality by tuning in the people you want to follow, and tune out the type of people you don't want to follow.  And you tweet as per your temperament at the time you tweet.  People can tune you in or tune you out.  That's the beauty of twitter.

There's someone who currently stands out from all in my twitter-sphere aside from @The_Real_Fly: @TraderFlorida.  I've learned quite a few things from him.  And his plays on AAPL as of late have been impeccable.  He attempts to "give back" his success by posting insightful videos and and open up for Q&A from time to time.  I try to take these opportunities to pick his brain.  However, the confusing part is that every single one of my questions got fired back in less than 3 seconds as if my questions are readily dismissed:
me: Comment on XHB and GLD. TIA!
him: eSignal
me: eSignal?
him: that what I SAID
Later I found out eSignal is the data feed he uses. Still, that's not helping.  Granted, he has 13,688 followers and I'd imagine questions would snow in when he makes himself available.  But why offer Q&A if he's not going to take time answering the questions seriously?  He also mentioned in one of his videos that "if you ask me any question at all, then you shouldn't be trading in the first place because you have no idea and no rule about your trades." Oh well, geniuses are often the most peculiar people.  That's a compliment for him.

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