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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keyboard Shortcuts - Gmail and Twitter

I use Gmail and Twitter extensively, like 14 hours a day.  Any shortcut to get the same thing done with less effort would go a long way.  Avoiding mouse clicks would also make me less susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately there are some useful ones available.

For Gmail:

  • 'g' + 'p': Go make a phone call
  • 'g' + 'k': Go to Tasks
  • 'c'      : Compose 
  • 'j'      : Move cursor up in the list
  • 'k'      : Move cursor down in the list
  • <Enter>  : Open the message at current cursor location
  • '#'      : Hash/delete message and return to list
  • 'r'      : Reply
  • 'a'      : Reply to all
  • 'f'      : Forward
  • 'u'      : Back to list
  • '?'      : Show all keyboard shortcuts
Unfortunately, there is no short cut to "mark all as read" for junk mails.  For that one, if I want to avoid the mouse, I'd have to do a '.' + <down arrow> + <enter>,  borderline useful but that lets my fingers stay on the keyboard.

As you can see, I use Google product extensively.  Gmail is my landline phone.  Google Tasks are useful because it can sync with my Android phone.  The only thing I loath about Google is Google Calendar, whose Search feature is retarded (excuse my language, can't think of a better word).

For Twitter:

  • '.'      : Load new tweets 
  • 'n'      : New tweet

That is all I need, really.  Stocktwits automatically loads new tweets, but I actually like the twitter implementation better: that I get an indication automatically that there are new tweets without loading them automatically, lest it is quite stressful to read an existing tweet while the new ones keep pushing it down.

The rest of the twitter shortcuts can also be accessed by typing '?'.   I paste the list here since it's short and I could get a screen shot of it.

Finally, to switch between Gmail and twitter (or cycle through any other tabs currently open in the browser), simply do <Ctrl> and <Tab> at the same time.

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