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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Market Is So Easy

It's so easy for me to lose money in the market when jinx is with me the whole time.  The proprietary leading indicator I subscribe to has been advising to short the market since May 2011 and still is.  So I lose while everyone who doesn't watch the market gets a free ride.  Professional money managers like Dr. Fly reaped 20% during just the first month and a half of this year so far going long the frothy stocks.  Now that he's in cash and holding just some VXX.  I followed suit with VXX because that's in line with my gut and my technical analysis up till yesterday.  It all changed today.  VXX so far down 5.40% with the market (SPY) up only .28%.   Going VXX is worse than averaging down on the leveraged index ETF (SPXU), and I am in it!!!  Talk about jinx.  Now Dr. Fly has 20% cushion to burn, but not me.  For me it's been just one direction -- down.   The market is so easy:  until I overcome the jinx, just follow me and do the exact opposite!


  1. It is likely a good call, just maybe a little to soon.

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Bearish plays are always too soon. It's the nature of the market.