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Thursday, March 22, 2012

TVIX - Stay Away

I complained yesterday that VXX was a scam by the financial institutions. Well, TVIX seemed like an even bigger scam.  The SPY had a red gap this morning is currently down .80 for the day.  VXX at least gapped up accordingly and is now up over 5%.  But look at TVIX, the 2x VIX short term ETN, it's down over 25% for the day!  I was wondering yesterday as VXX went down 5% per day, why TVIX went up instead.  All these futures settling subtlety are beyond me.

So can technical analysis be applied to such?  Don't hold your breath.  9.73 is the 150% Fib level support.

Meanwhile, AAPL is down nearly 1% for the day.  Oh, no! The world is coming to an end!

UPDATE: A video clip from CNBC on TVIX provides some informative discussions. Thanks to KeiZai for the link.

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