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Thursday, March 01, 2012

VE - Targets

Thanks in big part to @BuyOnTheDip, I got into the VE trades.  I have flipped it once and got back in per the pink and white arrows.  Today it popped in excess of 15%.  It's right at the projected parallel channel line, as well as the 138.2 Fib extension level.  It would be crazy not to take at least 50% of the profit off the table here, and I did.   The timing so far has been nothing less than sublime!  This is a once in a blue moon celebration I get to enjoy.

A full projected rectangle target is 14.68, Fib 76.4 level is 14.63, while the 150% Fib extension is 14.44.  So hopefully, the 14.50 confluence of resistance area would be doable.

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